fer10_5844a40a5981eThis is the 2017 Spec Ferrari 488 Challenge which will celebrate its 25th Anniversary next year. It will be powered by a 3.9L V8 from an engine which took the prestige engine of the year award in 2016.

It has undergone thorough testing from the car’s engine, aerodynamics and chassis. It has already managed to shed a second of the test track lap time and beat its predecessor, The 458 Challenge EVO.620_5844a4bcdceb2
Its been cleverly mapped to make the most out of its sophisticated drivetrain and comes complete with shorter gear ratios. The F1 DCT Transmission will feature new racing shift strategy and help it propel from standstill to maximum revs in 4th gear in just 6 seconds.

The Aerodynamics kit has been applied to give the 488 not only improved airflow but it also gives the car the much-needed downforce on the track and balance to the rear load. It gives the car a 7% efficiency overall compared to an original 488.fer40_5844a40acb08a


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