Little known British supercar company, Keating will mark their 10th Anniversary with this new creation, A V8 powered supercar capable of 230mph!

MTQwNDIzMjU4NjE1OTE1NzUzIt will be launched at Top Marques in Monaco in April 2017 and it doesn’t just look great, the figures are pretty impressive too. 0-60 will be achievable in just 2.4 seconds and an astonishing 1054 lb ft torque.MTQwNDIzMjU4NjE1ODUwMjE3The car will be named after a venomous snake called Berus which is where the designs influence has come from. The lights resemble the eyes of a snake and the front resembles the snake’s fangs.MTQwNDIzMjU4ODg0Mjg1NjczIn our opinion, it’s very McLaren-Esque in its design and we can’t help seeing the P1 in this car, however for a small supercar company it looks amazing and we cant wait to see this unveiled in April 2017.MTQwNDIzMjU4NjE1ODUwMjE2


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