landscape-1429535437-mclaren-540c-2206For £126,000, its £16,000 less than the McLaren 570s but it’s also about 30bhp slower than the 570s. But who cares?

Well, on the outside not many people will be able to tell as the 540c actually comes debadged so people wont be able to tell you’ve got a wedge worth of savings in your pocket than those that decided to buy the 570s.

So McLaren says this one hits 62mph in 3.5secs (0.3secs slower than the 570S), 124mph in 10.5secs (1.0secs slower) however tests by TopGear suggest that the 0-62 time when they tested is exactly the same between the 540C and the 570C regardless of having to get through the gears slightly quicker to achieve the same result.

Theres not difference much in looks, there’s not much in performance but with a £16,000 saving and all you’re sacrificing is midrange bit of torque , is it worth saving yourself some money for a classification in owning the entry-level.. decisions decisions.


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