FAB-Design-McLaren-650S-5With Geneva Motorshow within the next few days companies are getting over excited about what they have to offer and are getting impatient like giving someone a Christmas present early, FAB Design have released official photos of their newest design, The VAYU GTR!


This FAB Designed 650S is fully loaded with Carbon fiber on the exterior, fresh designed fenders all round, aerodynamically designed rear bumper and spoiler complete with their own manufactured wheels to complete this uniquely designed Mclaren.


They have not stopped just with aesthetics they have also tinkered under the hood which has added 32 Horsepower to achieve 673bhp, combined with their customised exhaust they have also got it singing a new tune out of the rear trumpets.


Theres more, the interior can also be fully customised to meet the customers requirements by FAB design to ensure that you have the complete boutique experience in high end car customisation


This is due to be fully revealed at the Geneva Motorshow at the beginning of March 2016. Ive seen their FAB Design Mclaren 12C in Knightbridge in 2015 and they really have a recognisable stamp on their modified supercar designs and personally think that they are one of the kits that should I ever have deep enough pockets would be taking my supercar, which is a pipedream, to FAB Design to help me stand out from the crowd, but with taste.



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