cardboard lamborghiniA cardboard manufacturer based in Sendai called Konno Konpou have made a life-size Lamborghini Aventador model entirely out of cardboard. They have dubbed it the Damborghini seen as the word Danboard in Japanese translated is Cardboard.

cardboard lamborghini 2

It took 6 people half a year to build the full scale model and is on show at the cardboard factory. It weighs just 220lb and is light enough that it can be carried easily by a team. The model includes LED lights and they have even gone to the trouble of creating a cardboard V12 engine visible at the back.

cardboard lamborghini4The Damborghini has attracted thousands of visitors to the factory to see the Damborghini in the flesh and has been a hit on social media. Unfortunately, unlike the real version the Damborghini is seeing early damage, warps and wrinkles from a combination of inquisitive heavy handed visitors and with it being made out of cardboard.

cardboard lamborghini3

Maybe this will be enough for all those wanting the look of a lamborghini parked in their garage without having to shell out the hundreds of thousands of pounds price tag for it, It also might stop people converting a toyota MR2 into a replica. Now all we have to do is figure out how to make that cardboard V12 engine roar!



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