AMG and Cigarette Racing have a long partnership together and with their 10th anniversary coming up, it seemed fitting to produce a monster

The Marauder AMG – a 3,100bhp speed boat inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Hulk

There’s plenty of carbon fiber – The deck, cockpit and consoles all feature carbon fibre construction with a foam core.

Then there’s the engine!

Not just 1, but 2 Mercury Racing quad cam engines. Oh and they come with a ‘Pleasure’ key. Activate the ‘Race’ key fob however, and a combined 3,100bhp is instantly yours to enjoy.

No AMG engine you may ask?

Well Gordon Wagener – Daimler’s head of design – was enlisted to sort out the paint and detailing. The interior seats were built by AMG’s Performance Studio and the paint work is very much inspired by the upcoming AMG GT R.

Want one, price is on request only, if you have to ask and all that….


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