A video on YouTube shows an impatient Taxi driver that gets so annoyed with a cyclist that he purposely swerves to knock the cyclist off his bike.

The description of the video reads: This video is from Roman Atwoods Vlog from his visit to Toronto with Fousey. It doesn’t seem like Toronto picked up on this incident so I thought I throw this together. I water marked Roman Atwood and I do not claim to own or shot this video. Hopefully fair use is eligible here. I took a snippet out of the vlog and re uploaded this.

Since the video has been uploaded more than 170,000 people have watched this clip, in an update police confirmed that the 57-year-old driver of the taxi had been charged in connection with the incident. The man, identified as Thornhill resident Ali Farkhondehfall, is charged with assault with a weapon and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.
He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 4.


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