British supercar manufacturer Arash, is due to reveal at the Geneva Motor show in 2016 their newest edition to the Arash Marque, the AF10.

arash-af10_100546514_lThe AF10 will be fitted with a supercharged V8 engine complete with 4 electric motors. The engine will be capable of pushing 900 horsepower and 886 pound feet of torque. The electric motors will be able to achieve 1180hp and 797 lb-ft torque. The total peak power from the hybrid will be 2080hp.


The car is made from a carbon fibre chassis with an aluminium subframe making it light enough to push the car from 0-60mph in under 2.8 seconds and top speeds over 200mph.


Having already produced the AF8 which was made to rival the Ferrari 458 and Mclaren 12c. It’s nice to see a British manufacturer going up against the big boys and unlike some other contenders in the supercar market, I personally quite like the designs that owner Arash Farbound comes up with which look like they have come fresh out of the design studio from an Italian Supercar Company.


The AF8 model by Arash.

The cost for this unique and British AF10 hybrid masterpiece will start at £1,100,000.


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