3500-2Aston Martin last year reported an operating loss of £58.3m and they are hoping that this Luxury vessel will turn their fortunes around.

No doubt we will see this in the opening of a James Bond film very soon but in reality far from the silver screen, Aston Martin are pinning their hopes on turning their fortunes around in the boating industry instead of the loss making car industry for Aston.

Aston Martin unveiled the 37ft AM37 powerboat against the glamorous backdrop of the Monaco yacht show and would set back a would be Aston Martin boat owner £1.3M!

The reason that Aston Martin reported a loss of £58.3M back in 2015 is because the boss sees the brand expanding into other areas, such as clothing, handbags and even luxury apartments and money went into these areas hoping they make profit in the future.

He said: “Wouldn’t it be great if you’re down in a luxury harbour somewhere staying in an Aston Martin apartment, with your Aston Martin parked in the car park, and your Aston Martin boat harboured outside.”

If you shelled out £1.3M for your new boat at least you would have boasting kudos down at the local boat club being able to say that not only are you able to cross the waves at 50 knots but your boat was designed by the same guy who worked on the Aston Martin’s DB11 and Vulcan models.


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