Aston Martins £2.5M hypercar collaboration with Redbull have all been sold! Its great news for Aston Martin but does not comes as a surprise.

Only 150 road going versions were up for grabs and have now all been spoken for. There are still some of the 25 track only versions still up for grabs so no doubt, like a company have done with the Vulcan, people will be snapping these up next and then converting to road legal versions.

Powered by a V12 and weighing in less than 1000kg it is no wonder when in Koenigsegg One:1 territory that these monsters went like hot cakes! With the power to weight ration this means you get 1000bhp per tonne to play around with which is a rip your face off speed but the lucky buyers will need to wait until 2018 to be able to finally get behind the wheel of their newest addition.sold-out


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