McLaren have already stated that one day they would like to change the McLaren P1 from a Hybrid to an all Electric Hypercar. They have just achieved this, and it could be all yours for just £375. 160610-mclaren-p1-toy-car-_03-620x415Yes, you need to be realistically under 6 years old to be able to enjoy it, but when else can you say you own a McLaren P1 for just £375! Ok enough of the smoke screen, McLaren have released a central driving position, open top McLaren P1 just for kids and it does 0 to its maximum speed in about 2 seconds, whatever that max speed maybe!

The kiddies ride on – all electric McLaren P1 is the first officially licensed product from McLaren Automotive and is really aimed at kids from 0 to 6 years old, but you try stopping me from riding one and saying I own a P1!


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