gallery-1431968982-roa060115dpt-go-fordgt22If you remember, when Ford announced that they would be bringing out the new Ford GT in 2017, they invited people to apply to buy the Ford GT. Ford would then carefully pick who they allow to buy the new GT by using a process of who could give the car the maximum publicity and who they think would be right for the Ford GT.

Ford were inundated with applications from 6500 people applying, ranging from collectors, celebrities and general enthusiasts, all who wanted to get their hands on Fords new offering in 2017. This week some lucky people including popular automotive vlogger, Shmee150 and superstar DJ and music producer DeadMau5 are among those who have been selected by Ford to buy the Ford GT for around £340,000.

Deadmau5 broke the news on twitter: “inbox NEVER SMELLED SO GOOD!!!deadmau5-selected-to-buy-a-2017-ford-gt-supercar-109972_1Whilst Shmee150 took to instagram to break his good news. “I genuinely did a dance around my bedroom” referring to his reaction when he received the email from ford.


Why is the Ford GT in such demand? Only 500 are going to be built. 250 in the first year and 250 the following year, with it being in such immense demand these cars are definitely going to hold their value, maybe even becoming collectors items and a great investment.


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