DYMAG BOXSTROM 7Y – For everyone that keeps asking what wheels we put on our GTR, This article is for you! We have given the R35 GTR a set of Dymag Boxstrom 7Y Hybrid Carbon wheels coupled with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tyres.

Why Dymag? The wheels dont just look amazing but they also hold performance values as well. The scientific part, with it being made from carbon composite, it gives the wheel substantial improvement in stiffness but are 40% lighter than the standard wheels. The centerpiece is forged high spec aluminum and together with the carbon barrel can achieve a 40% lower moment of inertia than other OEM forged aluminum wheels.

Conclusion: The Dymag Boxstrom 7Y will help improve all elements of the driving experience from faster acceleration, sharper cornering, braking, road handling and fuel economy, oh yeah and they look great!


GO VISIT DYMAG HERE: https://gskngs.to/Dymag


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