laferrari_serie_limitata_1-1Whereas most other manufacturers are following suit and going electric, Ferrari have come out and outright said that they are not concentration or developing an all-electric car in the near future!

Ferrari which are near on 70 years old have said they will concentrate their efforts more on their Formula 1 program which is about downsizing engines, maximizing power and mating them with hybrid capability to achieve fast-discharging hybrid power.

“We would not follow to develop a fully electric car,” Ferrari’s chief technology officer, Michael Leiters, said at the Paris auto show, where the company’s centerpiece was the LaFerrari Aperta (above), the roadster version of its hybrid exotic with a V-12 plus an electric motor. “We are convinced that it’s right to have a hybrid car because, for us, the sound is a very crucially important characteristic of a Ferrari, and our customers want to have this. Definitely for us also, the electric technology is interesting, not for reducing emissions but for increasing the performance of the cars,” Leiters said.



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