The New Ferrari GTC4Lusso with 4 Seats, 680Bhp and a V12 Engine.

ferrari_gtc4lusso_fr_3_4_lr_0So here it is, the long awaited Ferrari FF successor, The Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The 4 Seater comes with a new driving setup in the form of a 4RM-S which is a new 4 wheel drive and steering setup.

At first glance the styling doesn’t look too different from the FF but the most notable changes are to the rear of the GTC4Lusso. With twin rear lights, a pair on each side to match the quad tailpipes and a lower rear roofline, this not only is aesthetically pleasing but it also has an aerodynamic function whilst retaining the space for luggage and passengers.


Down the side of the GTC4Lusso it has restyled V12 Vents and with curvature going from the front arch to the rear gives the GTC4Lusso more character than that of the bland looking side of an FF.


The interior has not been left untouched. The GTC4Lusso has a Dual Cockpit which is aimed to give the driver and passenger an enhanced driving experience.

From Engine, the GTC4Lusso is capable of producing 680BHP with 514lb ft of torque from its V12 engine compared to 651BHP from its predecessor.

With the FF being the ‘daily driver’ choice for Ferrari owners, driving 30% further in an FF than any other Ferrari Model. I personally feel that the overhaul from the FF has been long overdue and the GTC4Lusso will be a welcomed addition to any Ferrari Owners collection whilst enabling them to take passengers, luggage and complete the weekly shop in a prancing horse. Queue the influx of FF’s for sale to make way for the GTC4Lusso

The GTC4Lusso name comes from Ferrari’s success in past GTs and is due to make its debut at the Geneva Motor show in March 2016


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