Fi Exhaust – Frequency Intelligent Valvetronic Exhaust System. After thoroughly searching the market for an exhaust system that would suit our GTR not only in looks but also sound and performance we chose Fi Exhaust.

This is not just any old exhaust to bolt on to your car. The Fi Exhaust is individually designed and fabricated for each and every car, tested and customised to each specific model. So all sounds are not only beautiful to listen to but they are unique to each car.

It also comes with a valve control system so when you dont want to be all loud and proud you can press the controller that it comes with which is very reminiscent of a Lamborghini Aventador key or you can use the app on your mobile to remotely open and close the valves for a nice and quiet ride. If you dont want to be messing around with opening and closing the valves then you can use their automatic mode which detects the engine RPM to switch profile for you based on your driving.

We used Knight Racer to fit the exhaust system and having been there throughout the process we got to see first hand the quality of this exhaust and everyone at Knight Racer who fit GTR exhausts from various brands on the daily were pleasantly surprised with the materials, built quality, joins and welts and also, more importantly the finished product on the car and the sound it made!

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