Venom GT

Venom GT

Hennessey has built it’s final Venom GT model that will be leaving its factory in Texas. They have aptly name it the ‘Final Edition’.

This makes it the 12th Venom GT model to have been built since 2010, as always – it’s already been sold to a lucky owner for $1.2m

On to the specs, it’s a spyder, in blue (if the picture didn’t give it away), powered by a 7 litre V8 – which gives it a meaty 1,451bhp, compared to the standard Venom’s 1,244bhp.

What does that relate to in performance figures – 0-60 in just 2.4 seconds, 0-100 just 4.4 seconds and 200 in 12.8 seconds. A quarter-mile is consumed in under 10 seconds (9.4 to be precise) and it will hit a whopping 280mph!

Why are they stopping it? Well Hennessey are turning their full attention to their Venom F5, a car which will help them hit 290mph.

“The Venom F5 will be the best value supercar on the market,” Hennessey adds. Watch this space for more…



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