After months and months of trolling comments, DM’s etc from various members of the same group accusing of fake followers, likes, views etc – Yianni from Yiannimize decided to join in on the act and publicy posted it this time. For some reason our social accounts really seem to bother them, we’ve never felt the need to post crap on their’s or anyone else’s accounts to them or about them (banter or whatever it’s apparently masked as, I consider this online bullying).

He’s posted a one sided edited video, (update: there’s now a longer video appeared on YouTube but still leaves beginning part out where we just ask for a chat, the video starts about midway through this drama) leaving out where 2 blokes come up behind our backs and start confronting us for no reason as we were walking along the street (we didn’t even know who they were – this is also stated in the longer video that they did run after us and apparently she asked them not to), we discussed and to what we thought, had sorted out what seems to be a long standing grudge against us, the other member, a girl was not included in this conversation however was in earshot. We asked did she want to chat, she refused and as we walked off, her mates rejoined and we then got verbally attacked. This is where the video is then cut as we were saying you didnt want to talk then but now your mates are back (the 2 guys on my left of the video) she was ready for a fight (verbally or phyiscally who knows).. I said I wasnt interested, I tried to sort it like adults but theres no reasoning with some people so we walked away and proceeded to have the abuse following us down the street as can be seen in the longer video. With it being filmed, was it set up and part of a game plan and then the video fowarded to Lenny and Yianni.. Who knows.

Edit 12/04/2016: Since another video has appeared, now on youtube not just instagram. Note that whilst we are sorry she feels emotional or in pain about the stress of the social media posts, we are also feeling this from the barrage of hate created by this smear campaign – these posts are instigated from their accounts and we have no control over them. The first short clip was transmitted to Lenny within 5 minutes of us walking around the corner – this is only our response and in response to a mass hate campaign instigated against GasKings, including fake mockery accounts being followed by Lord Aleem, Lenny, Yianny etc. We never took to social media after this incident. The original “meet” she is talking about is from years ago where we were messaging quite a few people which, not knowing what we know now, we thought all car spotters were united and shared a fellow passion. We asked around if anyone knew any supercar owners to join us on Sloane so we could take pics etc, we were advised not to bother due to the anti social behaviour presently on that road (this is when Shmee posted a video about it) we took the advice and left it amicably, apparently even adding comments about how nice their pictures were. Never did we think this would ever warrant any issues or bitching about us having failed meets etc and chinese whispers about who said what. This shows the grudge level held by the parties instigating this campaign. If what is stated is true then we apologise for any pain/discomfort caused at the time, as we have stated – this was a long time ago – which she also stated in her video. We have never tried to step on anyones toes or territory and regulary share and credit people on our social media accounts. Why a grudge is held in for so long and feels the need to chase people down in the street is beyond us. When we approached her not seen in this video and asked for a chat (to sort it out like adults) and then faced verbal abuse about how we run our accounts is at the point where we obviously knew it wasnt fixable and as you can see in the video we were on the defensive and walked off. Personally, we never wanted to get into a slanging match with a girl on the streets in the middle of London. Clearly this is evident as we try to end it and walk off. All this ‘TEAM’ talk is absolutely pathetic especially for people that are so called Adults. Are we not all there or in this game for the same thing and share the same passions?

In addition to Yiannis post he also feels the need to mention fake views/followers/etc again – despite our accounts matching other peoples accounts figures, of course there are ups and downs – that’s social media. Not sure why there is any need to post any details, what does it even matter if they were fake (they are¬†NOT), why does it bother them so much – we just don’t get it and have never said anything about anyone elses accounts. They constantly say Instagram doesn’t matter to them and its like monopoly, refering to its not real, but then individuals beg to get over 100k followers and troll other people about the amount of likes and if their followers are fake or not.

Anyway… as always, don’t just listen to the people who think they are big or who are trying to manipulate the market for their own gains, make up your own minds – and how about some actual evidence for once.

Lets start off by clearing up Instagram shall we:

Gaskings-Instagram-FollowersOur likes on a post vs Has_automotive (I believe he is linked to Yianny – with a near identical count on followers, likes, comments), does that make his account fake?:Has-Account-FollowersGaskings-Post-LikesHas-Post-LikesNow on to YouTube – here’s a Yiannimize stat graph roughly 1 month old, so YouTube has had enough time to generate a more stable graph. Considering that stats on 95% of Yiannimize videos suddenly nose dive after having the entire internet watch their videos straight away on launch and no other reach after initial launch, and the rumour spread about us is that we buy views?

These stats are publicly available, just click the more button and click Statistics then select daily on his videos – I suggest you make your own minds up….

Yiannimize-YoutubeNow lets compare this to one of our videos that has high view figures (seen as we dont have as many subs) – we can assure you we don’t fake. You can also see the difference between how many subscribers have come in from each video and how many people share our content to drive traffic, obviously peoples only explanation for success is that it has to be paid for.

Gaskings-1Here’s another graph from a random channel underneath as well to compare how ours looks to a random channel that YouTube is currently featuring – this was on my YouTube home page and look how it compares to ours. Not all coming in at once and then nose diving to the bottom. it fluxtuates as Youtube is recommending and placing/promoting the video to users randomly.

Random-1We do this for fun because we enjoy it! We don’t need to front, we don’t have a business sticking plastic on cars, or need to wash, deliver and promote Range Rovers. We have no issues with any of them, the beef is coming one way! Is this a jealously thing? If you want to know why we blocked them it’s because they constantly troll our page or get others to do it for them – they also block people for the same reasons. We happily met up with them at Birmingham NEC and had some jokes with them, after reading their comments on their recent posts it sounds like they just talked behind our backs afterwards anyway and have carried it on ever since.

Thanks for reading and hope it clears up any issues on your minds, as I said, we do this for fun and happily talk to anyone! We still have no issues with any of them despite all the one way accusations previously. We love going to events for the cars, taking snaps, making friends with other like minded automotive individuals and making videos to share and if you enjoy them – then that’s a bonus! Its a shame that a select few people try to ruin the fun for others, its also a shame to see we are not the only ones that have had this treatment also.


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