Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity

Honda has partnered up with General Motors have joined forces to help make hydrogen fuel cell powered cars a reality.

The deal is said to have cost $85million and will bring a sharable and affordable fuel cell to reality with Fuel Cell System Manufacturing mass producing by 2020.

Why may you ask? Well with hydrogen being one of the most abundant elements in the universe you can now start to understand why this is such a big deal.

There are plenty of environmentally friendly methods to produce hydrogen as well – and not to mention once the car is on the road the only emissions out of it is water!

The Honda Clarity seen in the picture above (yes, it looks like a Prius that’s hit the ugly tree on the way out of the factory) can go for 366 miles before needing a Hydrogen top up!

What do you think – is this the way forward or is the current electric cars the way of the future?



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