As if the F12 wasn’t crazy enough already, Spanish firm Bengala Automotive has come out and unleased a whole new beast!


With the F12 weighing in at 1630kg, Bengala Automotive clearly thought it was too fat and required some liposuction and what better way to do it then by making it fully carbon fibre. You can never have enough carbon fibre!


Their styling makes it look like an entirely new car – for the better in my opinion! There are just 10 going to be produced – no costing released so far but I think I will be digging for gold for a bloody long time to afford one!


They are calling this the F12 Caballería and is inspired by Ferrari’s GT3 race cars. As yet, none of the planned 10 have been produced and exist purely in render form, but all 10 are expected to be built by summer 2017 and Bengala will then move on to their next project.


Bengala’s boss and founder, Shoghi Saeidnia: “In most cases, uniqueness is a state of mind; we bring to our customers an interpretation of their desires, based on their dreams. Put it simply, we mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering, the Bengala F12 Caballería, and ten special individuals earned it.”



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