The Gumball3000 rally 2016 is underway as the gumballers make their way from Dublin to Bucharest. As they headed on the UK stretch of the tour, successfully from Scotland to Manchester and then from Manchester to London, disaster struck.

gumper1Unfortunatly Gumball Team 10 was the first team to take the Crown of first crash of Gumball3000 2016. The unlucky car to take the hit was a rare 4.2Litre Twin Turbo V8 Gumpert Apollo worth over £275,000. Here’s some pictures from social media pre-destruction.

gumper4gumpert5It wasn’t long before the pictures of the devastation appeared on social media and rumours of the cause being water on the road. It seemed the car took most of the damage and the driver walked away unscathed.

gumper2The gumball leave london tomorow and head on towards Germany, Prague and Sibiu on there way to Bucharest.


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