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HR Owen, a supercar dealer based in the heart of london are to offer supercar driving lessons to wannabe first time supercar owners. This will be primarily aimed at footballers to stop them from crashing the high powered, expensive supercars due to inexperience behind the wheel of such a powerful machine.HR OWEN

They have teamed up with Premier Sports Network which is an organisation who helps and guides young football talent starting out in the game. Hopefully this new initiative stops the poor helpless supercars meeting their death at the hands of footballers with more money than sense.footballer crashes

Several footballers including, Beckham, Ronaldo and Balotelli have all been involved in crashing high performance motors in the past.

Sharon Owen, PR from HR Owen stated:

“We felt we had a duty of care to ensure these buyers were trained to the highest level before taking delivery of their vehicles, in the hope that we will see fewer incidents occurring on the roads as a result.”


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