mclaren 688hsThese pics have emerged on AutoGespot with what is alleged to be the leaked photos of the Mclaren 688HS. The 688HS is apparently a rework of the 675LT utilising extensive use of carbon fibre, new front bumper to increase downforce, a roof scoop and a huge rear wing.mclaren 688hs2It’s named the 688HS (HS Standing for High Sport) and is pushing out 688ps which is around 678hp, 13 more hp than the 675LT Has to offer. Its also been on a diet, its 40kg lighter to help it on its way to acheive 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.

MSO, McLarens Special Operations are thinking of only building 25 of these to make it a rare and collectable model. Even before this has officially been announced its beleived that all 25 have already been spoken for.


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