0-60mph in under 4 seconds, 1000nm of torque and over 500bhp it definitely sounds impressive enough to prick my ears up. But what is it?

Windbooster-Motors-1Windbooster motors is a chinese company that have set its sights on the electric supercar market and wants to go pound for pound in the ring against the main contender, Tesla!

The styling is a lot more along the supercar lines from a tesla and from what we can see so far from the images released looking like a laboratory experiment combining a Koenigsegg with a pagani and a lotus exige.


It will run completely from electric and not hybrid so can compete head on with Tesla in a very wide open market currently being domineered by Tesla with little competition.


Its still in the final stages in development so it will be nice to see if this actually comes to market on a global scale.


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