Check out the video above showing the end results of what happened on a road in Nottingham.

It shows a Porsche 911 Cabriolet 996 Generation 2, estimated to be worth £80,000 and a rare edition of which only 19 were ever made – in complete destruction after it appears a Ford KA driver drove on the wrong side of the road and ploud in to a vehicle before also ploughing in to the Porsche.

“That’s the end of the Porsche. I swerved to get out the way and he crashed straight into the side of me.”

“He wrote off my pride and joy – it was a Porsche 911, now it’s written off.”

Parr added: “My car is most likely going to be written off which is awful news for me especially as I can’t replace it. At least we are still alive though.”

Good luck to the KA driver when it comes time to renew his insurance!


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