Lamborghini boss Stephan Winklemann due to leave to go to Audi!

Stephan Winkelmann Amelia Island

That’s right, you read correctly, Stephan Winklemann, the CEO of Lamborghini is exiting as head honcho at Lamborghini and instead going to be head of the performance division at the sister company, Audi!

Volkswagen acquired Lamborghini in 1998 and with the recent emissions scandal by VW Could this be a strategic move to get their best guy out now just in case Lamborghini needs to take the hit to cover costs? Who knows!

What we do know is that, after more than a decade at Lamborghini, Stephan is meant to be stepping down from the Helm of Lamborghini after the Geneva Motorshow in march 2016.

So what will he be doing at Audi? The move is meant to be a strategic one so that Mr Winklemann can use his expertise to help push the more mainstream products as well as the High end market for the Audi Quattro division.

Rumours have it that Stefano Domenicali, the former head of Ferraris F1 Team, will take his place as CEO of Lamborghini.


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