ford-gt-66-heritage-edition-11After Ford won won its class with the Ford GT at the 24 Hour of Le Mans race in France, they have released this, special edition, Ford GT 66′ Heritage Edition. It will be a homage to winning this years LeMans but also paying repescts to the companies original win in 1966 which saw the no.2 GT40 MkII winning the 24-hour race

z2If the 2017 Ford GT wasnt rare enough with only 250 examples being made and money alone not being able to buy you one, This one is even more rare, and thus more expensive. If you happen to have the £400K+ RRP your then going to have to be vetted to be elligible to own the new Ford GT like the rest of the willing purchasers of the Ford GT Heritage Edition.

ford-gt-66-heritage-edition-8  ford-gt-66-heritage-edition-9_0Underneath it remains the same car and basically they have given it a livery job to match that of the Ford GT from 1966. Its pretty much it. On the exterior they have given it a Shadow Black Paint job, silver stripes, carbon additions and a no2 on the side and bonnet.








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