The Tesla has always looked like a tame grocery getter and to the unsuspecting public your just cruising round in a nice looking family saloon and helping the environment.

tesla-s-p90d-03But underneath, Take the P90D for example it would beat the Lamborghini Aventador at a game of 0-60mph. The aventador would get there in 3 seconds whereas the Tesla P90D comes in at 2.8Seconds. Best thing about it, no one would hear you coming! Second of all, it would have cost you nothing either with it being electric and the Lamborghini would have drunk the ocean in MPG comparison.


However, I think the P90D and the Tesla Model S have been lacking the looks to match what it can achieve and that’s where RevoZport come in.

R-Zentric-Tesla-Model-S-Rear-Quarter-Teslarati-1024x683We stumbled upon and found some amazing pictures of the bodykit that RevoZport have done to a P85 and transformed it into what I believe it should have always looked like. Granted it probably wouldn’t have sold aswell to the masses but its certainly more pleasing to my eye and at first glance shouts that it means business, especially when the engine cant do itself that unlike a Lamborghini V12.

To be honest it could have done with a  slightly bigger wing on the back but I cant take anything away from what difference a bit of exterior styling can do to the car to just give it that extra cool factor!

Having tested the Tesla Model S 85 (Video Below) give me a P90D with one of these kits anyday, not only can i have fun but i can take the family along to enjoy it with me!



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