James-May-has-allegedly-said-he-is-chuffed-587026As Chris Evans quits Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson and Co continue to film their eagerly anticipated ‘The Grand Tour’ show which is due to be released in the Autumn on Amazon. It seems the Ex-Top Gear stars couldn’t hold in their feelings any longer after keeping tight lipped for so long.

Clarkson-and-Evans-587023The Mail Online have reported that James May was asked for his reaction, since Chris Evans quit Top Gear and his response, “VERY CHUFFED”. Jeremy Clarkson was asked the same question to which he replied “Dont be silly”.

James-May-has-allegedly-said-he-is-chuffed-587025However, A crew member for The Grand Tour was quoted saying that Jeremy has intentionally kept quiet about Chris Evans and Top Gear, but he’s pleased as punch and Chris Evans has hung himself by his own rope without Jeremy even getting involved.


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