675LT MSO Carbon Series LT Since the success of the McLaren 675LT and the McLaren 675LT Spider, it looks like McLaren aren’t ready just yet to put the 675 to bed. This time they have let MSO (Mclaren Special Operations) take the 675LT Spider, kit it out in carbon fibre and release a limited number for sale (at an extorted price of course).

McLaren managed to sell out the 500 Coupes and 500 Spiders within just 2 months so it is no wonder that they want to flog the horse once more. Apart from the Carbon Fibre and exclusivity of saying you own the MSO version of the 675LT Spider, it’s pretty much the same underneath.

675LT MSO Carbon Series LT_02Only 25 of the MSO Carbon Series are being made, and guess what, they all have been sold off plan!


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