McLaren 720S Engine

McLaren 720S Engine

McLaren are continuing to tease out their next revision to the Supersport Series, in comes details of their new power plant.

Out is the 3.8litre of old and hello 4.0 litre bi-turbo V8.

McLaren says the ‘M840T’ V8 will push its new generation of supercar from 0-124mph in 7.8 seconds, half a second quicker than the Ferrari 488 GTB – the 675 LT did 0-124mph in 7.9 seconds. McLaren also say its new ultra-low inertia twin-scroll turbos have dramatically reduced turbo lag too.

It’s not all about performance either, McLaren have added red ambient lighting that illuminates the engine bay when the driver unlocks the car.

McLaren are saying to expect significant sound tweaks as well, which in my opinion is a key area the current generation of McLaren’s lack.

The next generation of McLaren’s are sounding better and better with each teaser sent out of McLarens office!


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