Hiramatsu is a lawyer in Tokyo who has enjoyed a couple of McLarens before including the 650s. A few years ago he visited McLarens workshop and fell in love with the P1 and also how green the London parks were. So he bought himself one, in green.

He now drives it as his daily drive, commuting to his place of work, Monday to Friday in Ginza. He talks about how he enjoys taking it down the motorway, stretching the McLarens legs and playing with the curves that the motorways provide.

If that isn’t enough, not only does he do a daily commute and will probably arrive the happiest guy alive in the office. But at the weekend he also takes the McLaren P1 on racetracks such as the Fuji speedway.

Who is this guy? Is he single, saved up all his hard earned money as a lawyer now living the dream? No, he has a wife, 2 kids and a dog! This guy has it all!


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