The GT40 Mk 1 is a road legal version of the Le-Mans winning race car that rose to fame after beating Ferrari to the pole position (well, only after Carroll Shelby worked his magic on the GT40)

gt40 mk 1Why the heavy price tag? This 1968 GT40 is number 1 of 31 original road cars produced by ford and has just 3200 miles on the clock which is outstanding for its age. Its undergone a full restoration and considering the GT40 used in Steve McQueen filming heritage sold for an eye watering $11Milion, it makes this one sound like a bargain in comparison.

the-car-underwent-a-recent-restoration-that-returned-it-to-its-original-condition-and-colorConsidering the history of this car it would be a great addition to any avid car collector. Why? Because in 1963 Henry Ford II nearly bought Ferrari but negotiations fell through, after this the GT40 was born. He got his engineers to build a V8 powered monster and Carroll Shelby finish it off. The GT40 went on to win the Le-Mans 4 times making Ferrari retreat from sports car racing forever.

the-heart-of-the-beast-a-small-block-v8-from-the-ford-mustangIts for sale through Gooding & Company and will be sold in March 2016.


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