A woman from Virginia managed to flip a car just 6 seconds into her test drive damaging 5 other cars in the process.
Mercedes-Crash-GLE-3This is a clear example of what not to do on a test drive and we hope they didn’t have a break it you bought it policy or this woman would definitely be going bankrupt.

The accident happened at around 11:30 am on Friday at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ballston. It was the old classic stepping on the gas thinking it was the brake fail and ploughed the GLE 350 into about 4 other parked cars at the dealership. She also managed to damage her own car that was parked up whilst she tried to do her Test Drive.
Mercedes-Crash-GLE-2Four people in total were in the car as she flipped the $60,000 Mercedes SUV during the test. Apparently there were no serious injuries, but one worker was taken to hospital for a possible back injury.


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