aston_martin_vantage_gt8_04The wait is over. Its finally arrived, the 4.7Litre, 440bhp newest addition to the Aston Martin famil the GT8.


It’s the work and brainchild of the special projects division at Aston Martin and can achieve 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds. The GT8 is a much lower weight compared to the original Aston Martin Vantage helped by original parts being replaced with carbonfibre, saving 100kb and 1510 kerb weight makes this the lightest Vantage that Aston Martin have produced.


The GT8 is also cheaper than its older brother the GT12. Only 100 GT12’s were made and you had to have pretty deep pockets as they came in at £250,000 each! The GT8 will have 150 examples up for sale costing only £165,000 each!


In the GT8 you will have a choice whether you want to take the six speed manual gear box or have the seven speed auto manual unlike the GT12. Top speeds you can reach in this track car looking James Bond transporter is 190mph.



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