4nchydw6The new Mitsubishi GT-PHEV SUV Concept is set to be unveiled at the Paris Motorshow and is Mitsubishi’s latest offering of a Hybrid SUV.

Mitsubishi claim that this SUV will have proper off-road handling and capabilities and will be powered by Mitsubishi’s latest plug-in hybrid technology.

They have called the windscreen a Dynamic Shield due to the new safety aspect of the design. The design overall, they have gone for a more sleek and futuristic design which shares design cues with the XR PHEV II concept.
h21hflpbThere are no interior shots released yet but the SUV will be powered by 3 electric motors and a petrol engine. On electric you’ll be able to travel 75 miles and overall 750miles combined.

It comes complete with a Super All Wheel Control which gives the car improvement for on and off roading abilities.


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