The new Supra, a joint venture between BMW and Toyota should be ready for unveiling in 2018. The long eagerly anticipated, iconic Toyota Supra, will share a lot of its parts with BMWs convertible Z5, the replacement to the Z4. toyota-supra-news2The Supra will be the successor to the much loved Toyota Supra which was discontinued in 2002. It will take inspiration from the 2014 FT-1 Concept and will sit above the GT86 in the Toyota’s supra will come with high tech construction and a diverse powertrain.  It’s also due to feature the hybrid four wheel drive system incorporating a BMW petrol engine and electric motors, whose energy is stored in supercapacitors.

No doubt BMW are going to bring their expertise to the table in regards to construction of the hybrid, having the same team that developed the i8 working on the new Supra.



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