novitec n largo s3Novitec have worked their magic again, this time on a Ferrari F12. They have given it a widebody look and upgraded the engine to a 6.3litre V12 pushing 781hp and 722nm Torque at 6400rpm.
novitec f12 n largo s4Its been shed of weight wherever possible to make it lighter, the transmission is also revived and it has been given a Novitec Rosso high performance quad exhaust system. Custom interior styling, engine mapping and ignition system have also been upgraded.
novitec f12 n largo s2The way that they have styled the exterior just give it such an agressive look yet practical with more air being able to get to the engine and diverting cold air to the brakes. If the Ferrari F12 was awesome enough, Novitec have taken it to a whole new level.
novitec n largo s 3


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