The Rumors are over, Here is The Official Top Gear Lineup – The Magnificent 7.

top gear line up 2016The moment everyone has been waiting for, Chris Evans has revealed the official Top Gear Lineup which comes as no surprise seen as most of the people rumoured to be joining are within the Lineup.

So who are the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May replacements?

Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, The Stig

So who are the new comers, From left to right:

Rory Reid: Rory was the winner from the audience video auditions where they asked the general public to send in 30 second videos of themselves to bag a place as a Top Gear Presenter. Chris Evans said ““He’s knowledgeable, funny cool and warm. That’s not an easy combo. And he’s a brilliant storyteller. His audition stuck out a mile.” However he is no stranger to the media world and has worked for CNET launching a popular Car Tech Channel, Presented on SKY1s Gadget Geeks and is a popular Youtuber.

Sabine Shmitz: Sabine will be the first female Top Gear presenter in 15 Years. Chris Evans said ““very German and very quick. She’s a proven Top Gear favourite and world record holder several times over.” Fans of Top Gear will already know Sabine Shmitz from previous Top Gear episodes specifically on the Nuerburgring Van Challenge Episodes.

Matt LeBlanc: Famously known as Joey from Friends, The Self Confessed petrol head was one of the first publically known celebrity to Join Top Gear. He is the first Non-British Top Gear host in the shows 39 year history. Matt LeBlanc is no stranger to the show already appearing on it twice before and setting the Fastest Lap in the start in a reasonably priced car.

Chris Evans: Chris was the first to be announced as the successor to the departing Trio of Top Gear. Chris, a Huge Petrolhead himself and well-rounded presenter came as quite a surprise when he was announced due to already commenting that he would not take up the Top Gear job had he been offered it. A Huge U-Turn saw him become the First officially announced presenter of the new Top Gear show but it hasn’t come without its bad press. A barrage of stories from Chris can not drive and talk, gets travel sickness and other presenters leaving the show has plagued Chris since him joining the show.

Chris Harris: Chris Harris, an automotive Youtube star has covered pretty much every supercar marques and model that you can shake a stick at on his youtube channel ‘Chris Harris On Cars’ which has racked up over 24Million views.

YouTube star Chris Harris said: “Top Gear is the thing that helped shape my life with cars, my perception of cars and my obsession with cars, and I’m raring to give it a go.

“I’m also quite gobby and happy to get into trouble. And if it all goes wrong, well, I can say I was once on Top Gear, and just head back to being that annoying small bloke off YouTube,” he added.

Eddie Jordan: Eddie, an Ex-F1 Team boss with previous drivers under his control such as Michael Schumacher and undoubtedly friends all over the show in the automotive world, makes Eddie a Perfect choice to join the Top Gear Team. He is described as “bonkers, unpredictable a loose cannon. In a sport that prefers to be hermetically sealed. He has more connections than Vodafone”.

The Stig: The Stig


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