One Republic Type-R

One Republic Type-R

Yes, you’re reading that right. The Honda Civic Type R has had a bit of a styling tweak courtesy of One Republic, the American band that’s responsible for hit songs like “Apologize” and “Counting Stars”.

It is actually a one-off Civic Type R, part of a promotional campaign for Honda’s 2017 Honda Civic Tour where fans of the model will get a chance to see what’s new and cracking in the world of the Civic.

With One Republic are headlining the tour, it seemed fitting for the band to design their own Type-R to bring on the tour.


For those of you looking to get an up-close look at this particular Honda Civic Type R, keep an eye out for the stops included in the Honda Civic Tour.

The tour is stateside, with Dallas, Montreal, Phoenix, Toronto, and Mountain View, California listed as the destinations.


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