Qatar’s first Supercar is a bit like marmite – You will either love it or hate it!


What you are seeing here is the first home grown supercar concept and brain child of 27 year old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah and its called The Elibriea.

Supercars and Hypercars are a regular sight in the Gulf states with most being imported from Europe with popular Marques such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Even the police force has its own army of Supercars on the squad.

The Elibriea, which they have made a gold prototype of which you can see here, is meant to resemble a stealth fighter jet and the Supercar comes with a V8 engine capable of producing 525Bhp.

Why do i say its a bit like marmite? The exterior aesthetics are not for everyone with its sharp edges and distinctive features specifically from the front and the rear of the car causing quite some discussions on social media. With the bold statement that its trying to make there does not seem to be many people sat on the fence with most people saying that they love it or just out right despise it.

Personally I feel that the front of the car resembles the front of an old wild west train.

wild west train

I also feel that the rear of the supercar looks like your looking at it through the effects of a kaleidoscope or a car that superman would drive in his birth place of Krypton.


I cant say im sold on the design or would cancel my order, if i had one, for a supercar from Lamborghini or Ferrari to replace it with this. There is also one final point which keeps growing in my mind with the more that I look at the front of the car and that’s it resembles a knight rider Kitt car (The 1982 Pontiac Trans Am)

Kitt car pontiac trans am


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