In the video you can see a F1 car menacing the streets of Manchester and ending up doing a drive through in the F1 car for some food. People look on in amazement seeing such a weapon normally only seen on track, casually waiting at the traffic lights.

betsafe_f1_2The car is a Ferrari type 056 weighing only 640kg including the driver. It has a Ferrari 7-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-fibre clutch and a Carbon Fibre Chasis. Its capable of reaching 0-100 in under 2 seconds.

The Stunt/Video is by BetSafe and its all in aid of promotion for Gumball 3000 which Betsafe are a team taking part in and will be unleashing this beast in various locations on the rally.

betsafe_f1_1Gumball3000 is an automotive luxury annual rally which, this year, will take participants from Dublin to Bucharest and starts on 30th April.




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