This is the Red Arrow inspired Aston Martin Vanquish S.    

Its part of the bespoke Q division and only 10 will ever be produced. The Red Arrow edition will be based on the Vanquish S model which means a 5.9L engine at the heart, 592bhp from the V12 and top speeds of 201mph.

The paintwork is Eclat Red which is the trademark colour for the red arrows as worn on the RAF Hawk Jets. The roof has a Carbon charge pattern embedded giving the same look as the zigzag explosives that are set in the jet cockpits incase the pilot needs to eject.

They have even gone as far as to replecate the smoke trails left by the red arrows in their wake and this is represented by the white and blue streaks ontop of the sideskirts on the Aston.

The Red Arrow edition will only come as a 2 seater leaving room behind for the driver and passenger helmets. 9 Are going to offered for sale and the final tenth will be going to RAF Benevolent Fund for Charity for the former servicemen and women.


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