Ferrari announced a little while back that they were extending their Laferrari run by just 1 more taking it from 499 to 500! When the earthquake disasters hit Italy, Ferrari stepped up to offer its charitable hand by donating just 1 final edition Laferrari.

It went up for auction at RM Sothebys this weekend and fetched an eye watering $7Million which is astonishing considering the original RRP on a Laferrari was $1.4m.

To set this Laferrari off and make it even more special this edition got a Tricolor flag on the bonnet just to set it apart from the 499 others. The auction took place in Florida and the bidders went to war for over 10 minutes before the price of $7Million was reached.

This is a record for the most expensive brand new Ferrari ever to be sold at auction and the most expensive production car ever to be sold.


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