Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla owners have enjoyed free Supercharge use since the company started selling their popular high-end electric vehicles.

This is set to end, from 15th January onwards, lifetime free access is no more and an idle penalty is also being introduced.

The charges announced will affect new Model S and Model X cars, but 400kWh of free charging is credited annually, this roughly translates to 1,000 miles of free fuel per year.

As for the charging rates, North America will get charging rates for each states whilst countries such as the UK will get a flat rate of 20p per kilowatt-hour, this equates to roughly £20 for a full charge, which is still a very good price to fill your car up in the current market.

Once the Tesla has finished charging, owners will be alerted to their linked Tesla app, owners will have 5 minutes grace time and will then be charged 40p per minute for taking up a valuable Supercharger space.



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