mclaren-f1-2016-bsy-autocar-759If the rumours are true then we could be looking at the iconic, three seater, gold lined engined McLaren F1 in 2018. McLaren are set to bring the Mclaren F1 back to life in the form of a hyper-GT. mclaren-f1-2016-bsy-autocar-761 Reading on Autocar the new version of the F1 will come with a 700bhp V8 Engine and an eye watering price tag of £2Million. They have decided to bring upto date the F1 and pay homage to their classic supercar.

Apparently it will still have all the noticable features from the original F1, Three seats, dihedral doors and a roof scoop. The car is going to be the pinnicle of the range for McLaren and a show piece for McLaren Special Operations (MSO).


It’s due to be powered by the twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 engine delivering more than 700bhp, no electrical assistance and a top speed exceeding 200mph.



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