Nismo GTR 2017 Front Its back, Nissan have released the Nismo Edition 2017 Nissan GTR. It will be based on the standard, yet stiffer, 2017 Nissan GTR Shell.Nismo GTR 2017

A full carbon fiber front end and a new aero kit on everyside of the car including underneath. The engine is the same as the previous nismo engine pushing out 592bhp from its V6 engine. Unfortunetly if your not in america you dont get the full 600bhp.

nissan gtri nteror nismo gtr 2017

The europeans have to settle for 600ps due to the limits on cooling on a long, hot flat-out Autobahn stretch. In the US they can’t go flat out so they get more power.

nissan gtr 2017 rear

The new suspension helps the car become 2% quicker than its older brother. Prices are yet to be released but if you wanted one of these for yourself they go on sale next week with deliveries starting in December 2016.

Nissan nismo gtr 2017 side


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