Mazda-RX-Vision-concept-101-876x535The long-awaited revival of the Rotary engine is coming in the form of the Mazda RX9. It will be the successor of the Mazda RX8 and will be largely based on the Mazda RX-Vision which stole the 2015 Tokyo motorshow!Mazda-RX-Vision-concept-104-876x535So what will power the RX9? It will come complete with 1.6 liters of displacement and a turbocharger to bang out around 400bhp.

Apparently we will first see the RX9 at the Tokyo Motorshow in 2019 but will be available for general sale in 2020.
Mazda-RX-Vision-concept-102-876x535Mazda are going for a low curb weight, targeting a meager 1,300 kilograms (2,866 pounds) in weight for the car.

It’s rumoured to go on sale for around $80,000.


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