Chris-Evans-has-unveiled-his-Top-Gear-presenting-team-mainSeems that Top Gear have started winning viewers back again. People may have started to thaw out since getting over the departure of Jeremy Clarkson and crew. But before thinking that its back to its old popularity, it’s only a slight improvement after the dramatic drop in viewing figures since their exit.

Viewing figures for last weeks Top Gear peaked just above 3million viewers which is a great improvement since bombing out at 2.4million on their last show. However, its still really poor and HALF of that of the lowest viewing figures when Mr Clarkson was still on the show.

Top-Gear-FiguresTo try and improve things it seems the BBC have also hired a new producer to try and turn the show around. It seems that Chris Evans had a lot of the power when it came to creative control for a long time but obviously this just isn’t working for them. The original producer, Lisa Clark left the show in December after clashing with Chris when he joined the team.

160427-top-gearA spokesperson for the show said: ‘We’re adding a Series Producer to the team because Top Gear is a huge show and we have even greater ambitions for the next series.’



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