Flop Gear

So the second episode of Top Gear has aired – and the viewing figures have dropped dramatically, following the swathe of bad reviews from the first episode.

The first episode launched to an audience of 4.8 million, whilst disapointing in itself, still a respectable figure. This week however, Top Gear only managed to reach an audience of 2.8 million – a significant drop over last week.

Have no fear though, Chris Evans has the answers as to why the figures are so poor.

Antiques roadshow didn’t experience the same drop, almost doubling the Top Gear figures this week with 4.7 million viewers. But the excuses keep coming out, from it was a sunny day, Soccer Aid was Live on ITV to the BBC saying it doesnt matter as its the most watched show on the iPlayer!

It seems they had to enroll Jenson Button to save the show by showboating in the McLaren 675LT and at one point, using it as a lawn mower. The most interesting part, Chris Evans blubbering like a baby over the Mclaren F1 didnt even make the final cut for the main show and appeared on their sub show, Extra Gear, Instead.


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